Academics – IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF OBTAINING FUNDING, SECURING JOBS IN ACADEMIA AND PUBLISHING IN THE BEST PEER-REVIEWED JOURNALS. All of Foolproof Reading’s academic editing can be charged by invoice and paid for using purchase orders.


Funding/jobs: The highly competitive nature of applying for jobs/promotions and grant/fellowship funding means that you only get one chance to impress. Just one grammatical error, unclear paragraph or inappropriately addressed criteria can mean the difference between being awarded the position or funding and missing out. Ensure that you present the best possible application by having our PhD qualified editors proofread your work prior to submission. Dr Payne and Dr Tabone have over 17 years post-doctoral experience between them and this is evident in their highly successful funding and publication profiles.


Manuscripts: After piecing together edited versions from numerous co-authors it is easy to miss basic grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. From a reviewer’s perspective this is seen as highly unprofessional and immediately has them wondering if this is a reflection on the work contained within the manuscript. Improve your chances of manuscript acceptance in high quality peer-reviewed journals by having us proofread your articles for grammar, punctuation, referencing style and the specific formatting requirements of your target journal.


E2L academics – As professional academics, there have been too many times where we have been forwarded articles from journal editors asking us to provide peer-review when the level of written English contained within is simply not up to standard. In most instances the manuscript is recommended for rejection without further review. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! If you are not confident in the English contained within your manuscript then have one of our experts proofread it prior to submission.


Your work will be proofread and corrected for the following:


  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling


  • Proper flow and logical presentation of ideas


  • Appropriate citing of references


  • Appropriate style of referencing


  • Appropriate formatting of document (as per funding body or journal)


  • Appropriate answering of selection criteria (for grant funding or job applications)


All corrections/comments will be done in Microsoft Word using the track changes feature for ease of incorporation into your final document.


YOUR PRIVACY IS 100% ENSURED. All copies (hard and electronic) of reviewed documents will be destroyed upon notification of your satisfaction with the review. We are more than happy to sign any legal documentation that you require relating to confidentiality prior to reviewing your work.