Students – SUBSTANTIALLY IMPROVE YOUR UNIVERSITY GRADES. You are already investing significant amounts of money in your education through payment of higher education fees. For a comparatively small cost Foolproof Reading’s expert editors will proofread your essays, assignments, reports and theses prior to submission to ensure that you achieve the best possible results.


International students – WE SPECIALISE IN PROOFREADING WORK FROM INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WHERE ENGLISH IS NOT THE FIRST SPOKEN LANGUAGE (E2L). You have already invested significant amounts of money to study in Australia, both in travel costs and hefty international student fees. We too often see assignments and theses where highly intelligent international students are unable to accurately convey their understanding of a topic due to incomplete knowledge of the English language, particularly in a scientific context. Let us review your work prior to submission to ensure that your written work is presented in such a manner that it is easily and correctly interpreted by your examiner.


Your work will be proofread and corrected for the following:


  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling


  • Proper flow and logical presentation of ideas


  • Appropriate citing of references


  • Appropriate style of referencing


In addition to this, we will also provide comments on arguments/statements that need to be further addressed.


All corrections/comments will be done in Microsoft Word using the track changes feature for ease of incorporation into your final document.