22 Oct October 22, 2016

Tips for thesis writing – Part 2

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Here is part two of our three-part tips for thesis writing article. We hope you are finding these tips helpful! Please share with your friends and colleagues!

Happy writing!




6) Get your supervisor to read your work early on (as in while you are writing your literature review) so that you can develop your writing style
– During the construction of your thesis, send your chapters to your supervisor for review as soon as they are done so that you can apply stylistic changes, etc, in later chapters.
– Make sure you take note of comments/changes made by your supervisor and do not repeat the same mistakes in subsequent chapters!
7) Don’t just ‘accept all changes’
– Yes, your supervisor’s comments are more than likely worth accepting, but you won’t learn anything unless you go through them one by one. The same rule applies for comments made by professional proofreaders, especially if they are not working within the same or a similar area of research as that conducted within the thesis.
8) More is not better (in general)
– You should aim to get your message across in the most concise means possible. Your examiners will thank you for this! The more you write, the more they have to read, and if it’s just irrelevant and/or unnecessary padding then you will likely lose marks.
9) Reference appropriately
– Use recent peer-reviewed references to solidify your statements. Old references are fine in the case of landmark studies and books, etc may be used for definitions.
10) Don’t leave things to the last week!
– I can’t stress this enough. If you manage your time appropriately then writing your thesis will not be a nightmare. Aim to have the first completed draft to your supervisor at least two weeks prior to submission.

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